Diflucan (Fluconazole)
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Product description: Diflucan is an antibiotic used to treat different types of infections.
Active Ingredient: Fluconazole
Diflucan as known as: Honguil, Dikonazol, Cofkol, Flucozol, Fungocina, Trican, Fungototal, Fungustatin, Flucard, Sacona, Fungicon, Béagyne, Flucokem, Galfin, Farviron, Fluene, Flucazole, Fungram, Flumycozal, Zolax, Fluconer, Micoflux, Tierlite, Canesoral, Lucon, Dizolo, Flucosan, Con-ac, Flutec, Flucazol, Plusgin, Mycoflucan, Iluca, Funzol, Stalene, Kifluzol, Flucon, Fluconazol, Fluval, Damicol, Nicoazolin, Fluzomic, Funzela, Flumycon, Flurit-g, Kinazole, Zenafluk, Flucox, Flucoder, Flucanid, Fluconamerck, Femixol, Flucostan, Fungomax, Flucozal, Flanos, Trizol, Novacan, Flumicon, Flunol, Klonazol, Fluconovag, Flunizol, Leucodar, Flucosandoz, Fludis, Zoloder, Tracofung, Rarpefluc, Fumay, Flucoxan, Conaz, Sisfluzol, Zolstan, Candivast, Logican, Funzole, Fungostat, Fluc-hexal, Flukonazol, Fludocel, Zoldicam, Dofil, Govazol, Fluka, Fluconazon, Micofull, Dermyc, Micolis, Zolen, Nurasel, Zobru, Falipan, Flucalit, Mycomax, Fluconazolum, Syscan, Flucand, Diflucozan, Afungil, Felsol, Forcan, Kandizol, Flucon-ac, Zilrin, Fludex, Micoflu, Anfasil, Flukatril, Flugal, Zicinol, Candipar, Hadlinol, Funcan, Flucoran, Canoral, Funex, Flucoderm, Dizole, Diflazon, Candimicol, Elazor, Diflazole, Funga, Proseda, Zidonil, Lefunzol, Oxifungol, Zucon, Nofluzone, Flukas, Sunvecon, Batacan, Mycoder, Fluxes, Flucohexal, Aflumicot, Flusenil, Flucostat, Flumicotic, Mycotix, Microvaccin, Lumen, Flunazol, Azol-flucon, Mycorest, Flunac, Flucozole, Mycazole, Fugin, Afumix, Flucolich, Fluzol, Alfa flucon, Burnax, Flavona, Lavisa, Medoflucan, Difluzol, Gynosant, Flucoxin, Flumos, Albesin, Ibarin, Fuxilidin, Flunal, Fluzole, Ciplaflucon, Fungusteril, Flucofast, Fluconarl, Nispore, Difusel, Citiges, Alozof, Fluc, Flurit-d, Fungo, Mycosyst, Furuzonar, Baten, Stabilanol, Flucomed, Ozole, Fungus, Duracan, Canifug fluco, Funadel, Diflu, Flucoric, Flucanol, Cantinia, Flumil, Farzul, Flurabin, Opumyk, Rifagen, Unasem, Fluores, Mykohexal, Nobzol, Flucobeta, Candinil, Klaider, Fluconapen, Cryptal, Flunazul, Funizol, Fuzol, Fungata, Ponaris, Fludara, Nor-fluozol, Difluzole, Flucoral, Uzol, Biskarz, Fluvin, Flucovein, Candidin, Lucan-r, Candilin, Flucovim, Fulkazil, Fludim, Flucan, Flucodrug, Neofomiral, Exomax, Flucofin, Hurunal, Ticamet, Novoflon, Omastin, Triconal, Fluzone, Triflucan, Nifurtox, Flucess, Flucol, Fungan, Fluconal, Candizol, Varmec, Dalrich, Medoflucon, Fungolon, Zemyc, Loitin, Flucosept, Fungimed, Figalol, Zoltec, Efac, Fluconax, Fultanzol, Byfluc

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